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Marvel Stills

A Marvel Icontest

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All Members , Moderated
marvel stills - an icontest for marvel comics and movies

Bigs thanks goes to hovercarracer who made the awesome header!

Current time in the Mod's world.
All challenges are run by this time!


You are now visiting marvel_stills, a weekly icontest community for Marvel-related icons!

Each week it you can win one of 5 possible places: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, special category, and mod's choice.

The winners will each receive a banner announcing where they placed, so they can proudly display it.

You must be a member to enter so please join before posting!


1. All icons must follow LJ's requirements: No greater than 40kb & under 100x100pix.
2. Participants may enter up to 3 icons, unless otherwise stated.
3. No Flames.
4. This community is for marvel icons only! That means no Acme, DC, Dark Horse etc...
5. Icons entered must be made by you.
6. Your icon must not have been advertised before the contest; it must be brand new. Which means don't post it in other communities or your userpics before results are posted.


Your submission(s) should look like this:

Character/Fandom: Wolverine/X-Men


1. Don't vote for your own icons.
2. Don't tell friends to vote for you.
3. Always vote for the icons in order of preference plus the special category.

Monday: A new challenge posted and winners announced.
Friday: Submissions due.
Saturday - Sunday: Voting.

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