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Challenge 03

The Challenge: Our theme this week is everyone's favourite X-Man (well mine anyway!) Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler.

We've got Comics, Movie, Cartoons etc. all featuring Nightcrawler so it shouldn't be hard to find some fantastic caps. I have some examples below.


1. All icons must follow LJ's requirements: No greater than 40kb & under 100x100pix.
2. Participants may enter up to 3 icons, unless otherwise stated.
3. No animation in the icons.
4. This community is for marvel icons only! That means no Acme, DC, Dark Horse etc...
5. Icons entered must be made by you.
6. Your icon must not have been advertised before the contest; it must be brand new. Which means don't post it in other communities or your userpics before results are posted.
7. You must post the icon itself & the URL to the icon.

Example Caps:

Credit for the images goes to

Submissions are due by Friday 13 June, 7pm AEST. Current time in the Mod's world. All challenges are run by this time.

Current Entries: 06
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